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What to Expect When Selling Your Farm or Ranch by Auction

What to Expect When Selling Your Farm or Ranch by Auction

Selling Your Farm or Ranch by Auction, Part Four: What to Expect When Selling Your Farm or Ranch by Auction By J.D. Hewitt So you’ve decided to pursue the sale of your farm or ranch by auction. Congratulations! That in itself is a big decision. Once you’ve consulted...

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Finding the Best Fit for Your Property

Finding the Best Fit for Your Property

Selling Your Farm or Ranch by Auction, Part Two: Finding the Best Fit for Your Property By Tanner Hewitt   In an ever-changing marketplace, it is difficult to know the best method of listing a property. This decision is crucial when striving to meet the seller’s...

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Why Choose an Auction

Selling Your Farm or Ranch by Auction: Why Choose an Auction? By J.D. Hewitt When it comes to selling your farm or ranch, a lot is at stake. In the decision-making process of finding answers for the “when” and “how” questions, it’s important to know your options well....

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Selling with HLC

Our Deep Roots in Landownership

At Hewitt Land Company, Inc. we’ve been a part of the real estate brokerage industry since 1999, and over the past forty years, have owned and leased agricultural real estate supporting operations ranging in size from 45,000-acre ranches to 450-acre irrigated farms and farmland. Our extensive knowledge in ranching, farming, and overall understanding of cash flow, financing and operating demands has proven critical to successfully structuring property sales and has helped make us an industry leader in farm and ranch real estate.


Work with a Team

Our company prides itself on serving clients with Integrity, Diligence, Faith, and Virtue while using a unique team-based approach. This team-based approach ensures that clients who are seeking or selling ranches or farmland are given a tailored plan that best suits their needs. Whether you are buying or selling, you will be able to enjoy the collaborative efforts of a highly skilled team who will make it their mission to ensure that the transaction is convenient and hassle free.

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Selling Your Farm or Ranch

Our expertise in ranch and farm real estate transcends borders. Our talented team works with large properties for sale in South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, and North Dakota. These states provide ranchers and farmers with more than just postcard worthy landscapes. With relatively low tax structure — among the lowest in the nation — alongside business friendly state governments, doing business in the farming or ranching industry in this region is becoming an envy of the world.


Sell Your Farm Land or Ranch with Hewitt Land Company

Our innate understanding of the ranching and farming industry allows our highly qualified brokers to properly structure the sale of your property in order to maximize the value for a sale in reasonable period of time.

As an industry leader that specializes in land sales, Hewitt Land Company, Inc. takes pride in delivering on and exceeding your expectations when selling a farm or ranch.

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Recreational Properties
Recreational properties are often held for generations and handed down through the years to those who helped make the memories. Hewitt Land Company, Inc. realizes that for sellers there ‘comes a time to move on’ and cherish the memories made there. And yet owning recreational property can help to re-create an environment where life becomes less complicated and more meaningful.

We operate in a region where around nearly every bend there’s property with recreational value. Some of the most enjoyable moments in our business are in being able to help facilitate the euphoric emotion buyers have upon completing the purchase of a recreational property.

Recreational Land for Sale

Recreational activities such as hunting, camping, fishing, boating, snowmobiling, biking hiking, riding, and roping are some of the outdoor activities prevalent in this region. These, along with the tourism and historical attractions, make the northern great-plains region a prime location for property ownership and vacation. In locating recreational land, we will work with you to evaluate the desired location, and the quantity and quality of features on the property under consideration.

Selling Your Recreational Land

When selling land, Hewitt Land Company, Inc. extensively evaluates your land’s features. For example, when selling hunting property we will evaluate the quality of your land based on what game will be hunted and the features of the land —  i.e. the number of trees on the property, the inclusion of any cover, etc.

In addition to the real property, we appreciate the value of any structures and other man-made features on your property and how it relates to the property’s expanded use. Cabins, lodges, hunting blinds, docks, and more, all add value to recreational property.

We are highly skilled in the assessment of land property value, and can tailor a custom marketing plan to maximize the value of your land for sale.

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Commercial Properties
Hewitt Land Company, Inc. is made up of real estate professionals that know exactly what it takes to successfully maintain and operate commercial property in and around the Black Hills area. With a strong network of professionals in the industry, we have the ability to locate highly valuable commercial real estate and have the expertise to be able to structure the deal in a way that fits cash flow and financing demands.

From the beginning of our real estate brokerage, and over the past 15 years we’ve been involved in facilitating IRC 1031 tax deferred exchanges. These exchanges comprise the majority of our commercial real estate business, providing a vehicle for the transfer from one class of investment real estate to another.

Commercial Real Estate for Sale

Whether you’re looking for an existing building that can be customized to fit your needs, or newly constructed property that provides a location-based advantage, or property with strong tenants and attractive leases Hewitt Land Company, Inc. will share in the vision and work to bring it to pass. Since 1999, we have handled commercial real estate in South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Nebraska.

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Auction Properties
Land auctions can be very practical and innovative method for the sale and transfer of real property. Auctions provide a convenient alternative to private treaty sales and can expedite the process of transferring real estate ownership.

Find Quality Real Estate at Auction

The auction method of sale offers prospective buyers the invaluable opportunity to act on a property sale in real time. With this advantage, buyers will know exactly what it will take to be the successful bidder on land for sale and can keep track of the competing bid price. Auctions help to avoid lengthy negotiations and find exactly what you’re looking for in the shortest amount of time. Hewitt Land Company, Inc. offers premium land auction services in South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Montana.

Place Your Bid From Anywhere

Auctions are the preferred method for many buyers, but it isn’t always realistic to physically attend the sale. If you’re unable to attend an auction for any reason, you don’t need to miss a sale. At Hewitt Land Company auctions are carried live online so prospective buyers can bid on property either on-site or on-line. We also allow buyers to place a pre-sale bid in the event they are unavailable on the day of the auction.

Selling Real Estate By Auction

If you’re looking to sell your land, an auction can be a great choice for many reasons. An auction provides sellers with a time certain option for the sale and closing of their real estate property, which can save valuable time and allow you to get on to the next thing in your life. Auctions also bring together all prospective buyers at the same time, which ensures that the property is available to all who are interested and can retrieve a competitive market price.

Check back often for updates on upcoming land auctions with Hewitt Land Company, Inc. Thank You for spending time with us!

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