What to Expect When Selling Your Farm or Ranch by Auction

Selling Your Farm or Ranch by Auction, Part Four:

What to Expect When Selling Your Farm or Ranch by Auction

By J.D. Hewitt

So you’ve decided to pursue the sale of your farm or ranch by auction. Congratulations! That in itself is a big decision.

Once you’ve consulted and confirmed plans with your real estate brokerage, they will likely outline a process for the time remaining until auction.

At Hewitt Land Company, our unique, team-based approach provides a comprehensive array of skill sets and interactions throughout the experience. From the very beginning to auction day, our team of brokers assist with every step of the process. We feel it’s important to employ all the resources available, ensuring expert guidance along each step of the way.

An important question in this beginning phase is, “What can I expect when I sell my farm or ranch by auction?” Having realistic expectations of the process and outcomes is vital to ensuring success. To that end, we have outlined the process in a few basic steps.

Accurately communicating goals and objectives is a key part of the process. Once we’ve identified the objective, we’ll be in the right position to help attain them. Timing, production cycles, markets and weather conditions are some of the factors that affect the outcome.

Once the timing goals and method of offering have been determined, preparation of the marketing materials begins. High quality photos and videos are produced, interactive maps are created, the technical information is assembled, and a high-quality brochure and marketing materials are produced and distributed. Through extensive email, print and on-line media, the property is thoroughly exposed to the buying public.

Finally, on auction day, all the efforts come to a point. All of the marketing outreach, time and energy spent leading up to this day are what determines the success of the auction. We at HLC have the amazing privilege of providing brokerage services by both private treaty and public auction, and our time in consultation will enable us together to determine the best method for a specific property.

Are you interested in learning more about Hewitt Land Company’s premium auction service? We would be glad to be of help as you consider options for the sale of your property. Contact us to discuss a no-obligation risk assessment for your property.

Selling Your Farm or Ranch by Auction

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